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White Wolf Capital Group named one of 2024’s Top 50 Middle Market PE Firms

January 30, 2024 – White Wolf Capital Group (“White Wolf”) is pleased to announce that today it has been named one of 2024's Top 50 Private Equity Firms by Grady Campbell.

This is the sixth consecutive year where White Wolf has been awarded this prestigious honor. Top PE Firms in the Middle Market™ is the oldest and most respected program designed specifically to acknowledge leading private equity firms in the middle market.  From large, well-established firms to new boutiques, winning firms are recognized for performance, innovation, successful track records, leadership, and results.

About Grady Campbell and Top 50 PE Firms

Grady Campbell considers itself a leading private equity branding and marketing firm. Founded in 2016, Grady Campbell’s Top 50 PE Firms in the Middle Market is considered an original and respected awards program designed specifically to acknowledge and promote leading small and mid-sized private equity firms in the middle market. The TOP PE Firms in the Middle Market is highly regarded as a reliable, unbiased program by PE professionals, business owners, investment bankers, the media, and the public-at-large.

Winning firms are announced in the first quarter of their year and selected based on the merits of their nomination(s) including their track-record, reputation, leadership, and third-party endorsement. The quality and detail of a firm’s submission and responses from references also inform our decision to include a firm as a winner. White Wolf and all other participants provided compensation to be considered for this recognition.

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About White Wolf Capital Group

White Wolf Capital Group is a diversified investment management firm that provides investors with access to both private and public strategies.

White Wolf’s private capital strategies include private equity, private credit, and private funds. In general, White Wolf Capital Group seeks private equity and private credit investment opportunities in companies with $20 million to $200 million in revenues and up to $20 million in EBITDA. Typical situations include management buyouts, leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, and investments for growth. Preferred industries include manufacturing, business services, government services, information technology, security, aerospace, and defense. White Wolf’s private funds strategy involves investing with other private fund managers as a limited or financing partner. Targeted investment candidates are North American focused private credit funds looking to raise $50 million to $500 million, with a focus on the lower-middle and middle-market.

White Wolf’s publicly traded strategy provides investors with exposure to liquid alternatives through an actively managed exchange-traded fund (ETF). This fund enables investors to access publicly traded private equity and private credit. The publicly traded fund offers additional liquidity options in the public market while providing opportunities for both current income yield and long-term capital appreciation.

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White Wolf’s office locations include Miami, Chicago, Montreal, and New York City.


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